Health Bloggers Summit 2017

So, yesterday I attended my first ever health summit, filled with panelists, creative workshops and the best healthy snacks around. I was really excited to go as I’ve started to develop my career in health and wellness blogging, and this really is the best place to be to network with influencers, other bloggers and learn some trusty tips. I’m going to share some snaps and things i learnt at the event for all those who couldn’t attend!

The Hoxton

IMG_3457I never really spend time around the Shoreditch area of London, so it was really nice to venture out into what I can only explain as a very trendy part of town filled with creative artwork and colourful buildings. The Hoxton was the perfect place for this kind of event, because of its chic decor, natural lighting, quirky kitchen area and segmented rooms. I think a venue can make or break an event, and this place had a really cool vibe with wooden breakfast bars and retro clocks and a real artsy feel that suited the amount of different people there.



Bouncing Breakfasts

IMG_3475The most important meal of the day! We started the day with a fun food station where you could choose the yoghurts and toppings to decorate your breakfast treats. My bowl included vanilla dairy free yoghurt, fresh berries, energy balls and bananas. The protein energy balls, made by Bounce were delicious, flavourful and really offered a texture change to all the fresh fruit and yoghurt. The cacao orange protein burst had to be my favourite, and they can be purchased from Waitrose or Holland and Barrett.



I really wanted to make use out of all the different workshops taking place that day, including a photography class and a marketing session. Run by experts, these workshops were interactiveIMG_3459 and really got you thinking about your personal brand and what you want to achieve. I feel I really benefited most from the photography masterclass run by Anastasija Jegorova who is a food photographer and takes the most salivating shots.

In the session I learnt about the importance of Aperture, ISO and shutter speed. And, how google and youtube will become your best friends. We got a chance to practise taking some snaps and I’ve taken to using VSCO cam on my iPhone. The rule of thirds, composition and lighting are now really important to me and that one-on-one experience with a professional was really insightful.

Ilkka Salo, Co-Founder of Trybe, ran the marketing workshop looking at the effects of story telling, how to identify your archetype and the importance of Stepps (Jonah Bergers six steps to virality) From this i picked up a lot of good content for research purposes and self development.

The final session I attended was an expert panel led by none other than Clean eating Alice, her personal trainer, a gym owner who gave her her first job and the editor of women’s health. The panel were discussing the competitive nature of the gym industry, the importance of strength training, physically and mentally, and shared tips on the importance of recovery. This was really insightful when thinking about my own workout routine and how instead of always being on the go, slowly building myself up and perfecting a few moves safely and well is much more beneficial to the body.

I took away a lot of notes from yesterday and it’s given me the kick i needed to get back on the health train I so long ago stepped off the platform from.

Brand favourites from the day

Free stuff is always the best, and the HBC goodie bag did not disappoint! Filled with tons of healthy snacks, drinks and even some skincare, it felt worth it for the bag alone. I’m going to share with you a few brands I found yesterday that I fell in love with and think you will too.


As someone who doesn’t like whole chickpeas, these healthy crisp alternative made from chickpeas and flavoured are my favourite find of the day. I have seen the brand in Superdrug before, but after sampling their sweet and smokey, cheese and fajita flavours- i am obsessed. Only 91 calories a bag, these puffs are going to be my go to snack.

Frill frozen smoothies

How have I never had a frozen smoothie before? Move over ice-cream, because these IMG_3476pots of tempting treats are a palette cleanser and full of so much natural flavour. Chocolate, berry and blended veggies are the options in this company, and with no added sugars, just natural goodness, you can feel less guilty about finishing the tub than scoffing your face with Ben and Jerry’s. You can also use Frill to create smoothie bowls without the hassle!





We were served these little salad jars for lunch and could choose between ‘the Japanese’,fullsizeoutput_998 ‘the Mediterranean’ and ‘the Supergreen’. These fabulous reusable pots are filling, healthy and a small pot of joy. The Japanese features a miso dressing and black rice with broccoli and edamame beans that are to die for. These handy pots would be great on the go or at the office and I cant wait to pick up some for my working week! All under 350 calories, you’ll be fuelling your body with tons of greens and leave you fulfilled for the rest of the day.

I am still yet to try all of the treats given because of the sheer amount of them, but I am really impressed that I was able to find so many healthy snacks that genuinely tasted great and cater to vegans and are gluten free or dairy free. Head down to Waitrose for most of the items, or look for independent retailers who stock organic products.

Overall, I had a really fun day and felt like I learnt a lot about myself, the fitness industry where it stands and got to meet some amazing bloggers and influencers who are dominating in the health market. If you’re looking to start documenting your journey with health, wellness or you just want to be immersed in the area, then Health Bloggers Community is certainly for you.




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