What I’m happy about on the International Day of Happiness

 I know there are so many random day son the calendar that creep up, like international pasta day and national chocolate covered raisins day; but today is the International Day of Happiness. It’s the first day of spring and im sitting here hoping this Monday would end. But, this day has really got me thinking about all the things that make me happy, and why I am so much happier within myself this year compared to last. Here are some of the lovely things I am happy about!


Yes, a lot of us love our families so this is not something out of the ordinary, but for me last year was a lot more turbulent than it is now. My mother had a kidney transplant at the end of last year, and it’s been a struggle for the last few years. A lot of little things have changed over time, like needing to keep on top of the cleaning more, making free time for hospital appointments and generally taking care of my mum when I could. I wouldn’t want to go away anywhere without knowing she wasn’t alone and taken care of.  Fast forward 6 months and my mum is riding that roller coaster as well as someone could. Although she’s not back to her usual active self, not having to see her do dialysis four times a day and feel generally happier makes me feel genuine admiration for how strong she is and so thankful that I have my large goofy family around me.

My family is always growing, with 2 nieces and a nephew on the way, my heart is struggling to find room for them all! Seeing them grow and being a part of their lives makes me extremely happy. The little hugs goodnight, the smiles when they find me funny and the excitement on their faces when they see me makes my heart melt.

Plans for the future

I’ve really started to take my future into my hands, and I no longer feel limited to working 9-5 and having maybe one holiday a year and living for the weekend. Although I am still unsure what job I am going to have even this time next year, I now have a plan B that I’ve seen turn into a plan A for a LOT of people. My new health and wellness business gives me the chance to see my future in a very different way. One filled with lots of new friends, abroad adventures and a general healthier mindset- and that makes me very happy.


My Fiancé

Now I’ve known my fiancé for 4 years, and like most it’s never been an easy journey. But here we are, nearly 6 months away from our wedding and I think I am the happiest I have ever been. Not just because my organised self gets to go mad wedding planning, but because my heart is filled with a feeling of content; which is something I haven’t felt in a long time. It’s very important for me to feel as if my future husband is 100% on my side, and that we are a team. I am very lucky to have someone who will support me whatever decision I make, move cities with me if i asked, and come to random work related events that I’m too scared to go alone to and generally be there on the days where I am not so happy. He makes me happier than I expected to be.

Writing this blog

When I feel inspired, like today, I absolutely love coming to my blog to share my thoughts and feelings. I recently went on a course on how to reduce stress, and although it didn’t teach me anything new about how to handle stress, it really made me think about what caused it in the first place. A lot of it was down to myself, but since I have realised the causes I have become way more Zen. I sometimes light candles and do a face mask, I might try some yoga (and not do very well), and I will always come to my blog which makes me feel happy and accomplished.

There’s a lot of things to be happy about, even with the gloomy rain outside my office window in Birmingham on a Monday. My calendar is filled with lots of fun events with loved ones, and mentally I feel I am stronger than ever before because of the hard experiences I’ve been through. I aim to make every day a happy one, even when it goes wrong, by reminding myself of all the big and little things that put a smile on my face.

I hope some of my happy reflections get you thinking about your own! X






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