When to take a leap of faith

Being a graduate is hard. People might tell you that, but others might mask it. You can be highly skilled with a 1st class degree and still be struggling financially or with getting your foot through the door in the first place.

I’ve nearly been graduated 2 years now and since then I have had 2 other jobs (assistant producer at BBC Asian Network & Marketing Assistant for a small company) plus my current role as a student recruitment assistant for my university. That all sounds great right? I guess so. But every job has been short term, or I’ve not been able to grow my skills in the way that was promised. Honestly, I’ve taken jobs that have lied to me on my progression which has left me a little dubious about the entire job market.

I’d like to think I immerse myself in all the opportunities that come my way, and I’m very proud of my academic achievements- but I still feel like my career isn’t a thing yet. Granted, I am young and this is something I have time to figure out, but in today’s job market, I think its important to have a plan B.

So, very recently I decided to take a leap of faith, and become a business owner. I didn’t do a business degree, nor have I worked directly in sales, but I am a people’s person and i know that’s what will get me through.

When do you decide to take things into your own hands? If you feel like your current position is no longer making you happy, or you are being pulled in directions out of your control, then it’s time to review where you are. Life is definitely too short, so it’s really important to fill it with people and opportunities that are going to enrich your life. This is not me telling you that your career choice is wrong. If you have a job you adore and know where you’re going, than bravo!

Don’t get me wrong, EVERY job can be exhausting, but personally for me, being exhausted to benefit my future whilst doing something satisfying is much better than being told what to do and bending over backwards for someone who doesn’t appreciate it.

I’m very early on into my business, but the support network I have around me is amazing, and I have seen first hand the rewards. I am working towards having time freedom, extra income and creating  a network of people who support each other to be the best versions of themselves.

I am sure there will be many hurdles in my way (mostly myself), but what I always think is, ‘what do you have to lose?’ Some people close to me have seen the benefits of the business already and want to join me in many different ways, which I absolutely love! But I’ve also met a lot of strangers who i instantly feel comfortable with because they have such a positive energy and understand my need for just wanting ‘more’.

This is most certainly a 5 year plan, and I’m not expecting to give up my love of writing, or the media during this time. If anything, I’m reviewing my currents skills and think about how i can incorporate them into my business! I have no one telling me that my marketing is too creative, or what I can write about in my blog- and that for me is already a slice of satisfaction I’ve been missing.

Whether its reaching out to someone you’ve wanted to contact for a while, conquering a fear, or deciding to make a positive change in your life; taking that leap of faith will only benefit you if you truly believe in the outcome you desire.

I’ll be sharing more of my journey, which I hope might help some people to understand the successes and even struggles of having your own business and dealing with the biggest hurdle life throws at you; which is your self-confidence.


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